Cosmetic Brand


Dinto expands women’s horizons with initiatives and inner depth


Born to serve as an opportunity to raise the status of

Korean vegan cosmetics inspired by classical literature


It is currently on sale at about 1,000 Korean OLIVE YOUNG stores.

BIA Effect

BIA Effect is Korean skincare brand established in February 2021 by BeautyInAsia, Inc. which manufactured and supplied mask sheets for very famous mask packs in Japan and Korea.


All sheets are developed in-house. Because of its confidence in its sheets, the company is strong in skincare products such as mask packs and lotion pads, which are currently sold at about 2,000 stores, including famous drugstores and variety stores in Japan.


Jour de repos + KONA. Jour de repos = rest day in French.


JKONA,” a sister brand of JMsolution, was born with the meaning of “a peaceful moment in Kona, Hawaii Island. JKONA is a marine cosmetics brand that heals your skin from the sea.


JTWOMTWO is a Korean cosmetic brand created as a sister brand of JM solution with the meaning of “today more than yesterday, tomorrow more than today, aiming to shine every day.


SILCUS is a Korean skincare brand that uses cocoons grown in a beautiful environment with mulberry leaves and fresh air and water, and is enriched with Japanese silk ingredients.