Company Name

Our CEO’s family name is Moon.The name of the company has been to “Gekkasei” in the sense that “moon will create a trading company that will serve as a bridge to the world. The name of this company is always asked back by first-timers, but we are proud of the name of Gekkasei , including the reason why it impresses me because it is difficult.

Logo mark Meaning

①The blue circle represents the earth, the yellow circle represents the moon, and the red K represents the initial letter of the frame with the intention of becoming a bridge to the world.The angle of the K part is also set at 45 degrees and 90 degrees, which means that the project will be carried out equally.

②The blue circle Earth is drawn in the size of a 500-yen coin in Japan, and the yellow circle Moon is drawn in the size of a 1-yen coin.
This has a strong meaning that MOON will grow the company 500 times.

③In Korea, the number 8 means, “No matter what happens, you will never fall down.”Therefore, the size of the letters is 8mm.
The overall size of the logo is 8cm.It means that we want to build a good relationship with our clients and customers forever.