Corporate Philosophy

1.We will become a representative bridge between Japan and the world and will continue to bring innovative products to Japan that will surprise everyone.

2. Customers, Business partners, Our company, Our employees…We’re going to do business that makes everyone involved with us happy.

3. Teamwork, Reporting, Communication, Consultation.. and  we think about people first and do business.

4. We are not satisfied with the current situation, and we will always live without forgetting our aspirations and learning attitude.

Management Philosophy

Differentiation from other companies

We will make sure that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors in all areas such as products, packaging, ways of doing business, and marketing.We will try to create a view in your eyes that “Gekkasei is different from other Companys.”In order to differentiate ourselves from others, we will continue to pursue innovation, respond to new needs of our customers, and work toward higher goals.

Forming a special relationship with the customer

There is a saying that marketing is the science of perception. Regardless of the actual situation, a brand with a good perception is bound to succeed. From now on, we will build a solid differentiation and competitive advantage, solidifying the content, and creating a special connection with our customers so that we can gain a positive external perception.We will build strong brand loyalty with consistent, persistent and detailed consideration for our customers as our guiding principles.

Securing competitive advantage

No matter how successfully we differentiate ourselves from other companies, it is very difficult and unlikely that our customers will be interested in our products if our products and marketing programs are not superior to our competitors.Therefore, we will make sure that we improve the elements that consumers are dissatisfied with so that as many customers as possible are interested in our products, and we will make sure that USP is established in every product we market.