Cosmetics Business

We are in the cosmetics business, but we are not in the easy business that anyone can do. After signing an exclusive distributorship agreement with a Korean cosmetic and skincare brand, we import and sell our products at famous drugstores and variety stores throughout Japan.

Exclusive Selling Right

Exclusive sales right is “the right that only we can sell”. From the Korean manufacturer’s point of view, this exclusive sales right is a big risk. Because if you do not sign a contract with a proper Japanese company, you will be left in a state of captivity, and you will lose a lot of money. We hold exclusive distribution rights in Japan for four Korean cosmetic brands.


Manufacturing and marketing licenses are indispensable for the cosmetics business in Japan.

Our company employs a pharmacist at our Hyogo branch office and holds a manufacturing license and a manufacturing and sales license for cosmetics and quasi-drugs. Many companies hold licenses for cosmetics, but not many companies hold licenses for quasi-drugs. Because we can directly handle not only cosmetics but also quasi-drugs, we also act as an import agent for companies that do not hold licenses. 

Business Partner

We have direct business relationships with three of the top three cosmetics wholesalers in Japan: Arata Corporation, Ida Ryokudo Corporation, and PALTAC Corporation.We are probably the only company that has dealt with these three companies in the two years since our establishment. We also have direct business relationships with some stores, and through the above, we sell our products to well-known stores nationwide.

SNS and ECsites

We are selling our products through our e-commerce site and SNS. We are currently selling all of our products on our e-commerce site at “Qoo10” and “mooNium (our own site)”, and we are operating social networking services such as “TIKTOK”, “Instagram”, and “Twitter”, and we are also managing our own social networking service.